Meet Magda & Tiziana, founders and CEO at Tune2Thrive.

Magda Hoekman, The Netherlands

Magda works with leaders and changemakers to help them prepare for the unpredictable. She supports leaders to be adaptive and, at the same time, stay focussed on outcome. In adjusting to COVID-19, she facilitated her clients, in rapidly adjusting the “what”, “how” and even “why” of their organizations. In the last three weeks, Magda supported schools to adapt to this new normal.

Magda is a certified Integral Coach & Facilitator. She supports organizations that work sustainably. Working online and live with leaders and teams in NGO’s, companies and governments worldwide. Magda holds an MA in Government Policy and Management from the University Of Amsterdam, and an MA in International Development from Erasmus University.

Tiziana Pintus, The Netherlands

Tiziana is an Integral Master Coach™ and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC)™. She’s been a classical concert violinist for 35 years.

She help change-makers manifest their dream to bring more care, dignity, and beauty into the world. She can coach you to empower your teams to work both creatively and harmoniously whether you lead a corporation, an NGO, an orchestra or a jazz quintet. Her work with teams includes: performing artists and music Universities, NGO’s and City Halls.

The collaboration with Magda began in 2018 when they discovered their mutual drive to support teams thrive, especially in this unpredictable and complex time